The Reasons Why Some Nigerian Women Will Never Be Asked To Marry

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* Even when you can afford some certain things like your hair do, Recharge cards, flight tickets and that new gadget, men always want to be asked for favours once a while to help boost their ego.

* Contrary to the above, consistent demanding and begging is a big turn off. No man wants a liability or a corporate beggar as a wife.

* You talk feminist and independent minded and still wonder why no man sticks around to listen to male bashing from you.

* You can’t be living permanently in a man’s house and expect you to be anxious of you moving into his house.

* When a man gets the sex from you anytime, anywhere and anyhow, how do you still expect the man to be eager to have you as his wife to satisfy his intimate urge.

* You have cooked all your best and worst food for him and still want him to believe there are still surprises in you cooking.

* Leaving permanently in a man’s house while he hasn’t legally and formally married you is a total turn off to the man’s family and friends. No matter how wealthy you are, everyone will assume you are being a liability on the man and only sticking around to live off the earnings of the man.

* Being too forcy and overbearing is a total turnoff to the male folks. Even though most men will confess in secret they need a turf (tough) woman, nobody wants a woman to come and bully all over them.

* Nagging is a generational turnoffs. Most men way into marriage always confess that if they knew their wives nagged, they would never had ended up marrying them. Nagging is just a NO NO in any relationship.

* Being Miserly in your relationship isn’t going to take you far into the relationship. Everyone no matter how wealthy once to get surprises of gifts from their loved ones once a while. Especially when the man is a generous / giver.

* Preventing a man from his constant communication with his family and friends will only make him wary of marrying you because a man with close bonding with his relatives will never want someone to kill the ties he has with his loved ones.

* A woman who want to always eat out, go clubbing, go shopping, go to the movies and other spendings is likely not to have a man who will settle with her. Every man wants a manager and not a waster.




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