9 Things All Women Lie About…And Get Away With

9 Things Women Lie About (And Probably Get Away With)




There is nothing wrong with having platonic friends and I don’t think men and women should get rid of their friends of the opposite sex just because they’re in a new relationship. But some women keep that “friend” around just in case things don’t work out with their current boyfriend. You know, the one who we are attracted to just enough to consider sleeping with who would make a good boyfriend, but for some reason we’ve put him in the temporary friend zone. We know that he’s feeling us, so we’ll entertain him while still keeping him at arm’s length.



Just like we know men will lie about how many partners they’ve had, so will a woman. However, men tend to make the number higher while women tend to cut that number in half, if not more. Let a man tell it, if a woman says she’s slept with 3 men, that really means, like…10. If she refuses to tell you it’s because her number is astronomical and she doesn’t want you to think she’s a slore (a Slore/Slore..keep up!) or because no matter what number she gives you, she knows it’ll be too high for you so why bother?



This is another one women tend to bend the truth on. If she hasn’t been in a serious relationship in a long time, but had a “jump-off” or “friends with benefits” situation going on before she met you, chances are she doesn’t want you to know she’s been getting’ it in during the “in between” period. So when a man asks, “When was the last time you had sex,” the text-book answer – depending on when her last real relationship ended – is usually six months to a year. After all, unless she wants you to think she’s Patty Prude, it’s realistic to think that she’s had some action – you know, being a hot-blooded woman with needs and all.


Again, I don’t know why men ask this question, but a lot of them want to stroke their ego by asking their girl if he was the best she’s ever had. And we women, being the nurturers that we are, will lie and say, “You, big daddy!” We know deep down we can’t tell him that it was actually our secret jump-off that not even our girls know about who cracked our back all kinds of ways from Sunday. It just doesn’t sound right to say, “Well, Pookie actually twisted me out REAL GOOD!” We love our men…and we want to avoid any embarrassing conversations. Some women actually believe this lie because the love between you and your boo is actually what makes the sex great and more meaningful, not his “technique.”



Men will lie about their height, and women will lie about their weight – and that’s assuming she even answers the question. I don’t know too many men who go around asking their woman how much she weighs, because they just know better; but if for some reason he’s curious, I think women might simply “round down” the number. The only man I want asking me how much I weigh is my personal trainer. So if that’s not you, don’t worry about it unless you’re planning to carry me over the threshold on our wedding day. Along the same lines, a man may ask a woman’s clothing size, which could also be tricky.



Some women don’t know the difference between a touchdown and a free throw, but will lie and tell her man that she loves football just because she knows he does. If torturing herself by watching football all day on Sunday is the only way she can spend time with him, she’ll do it – even though she has no idea what the hell is going on. Talk about sacrificing for her man! Some men also find women who are into sports more attractive, so a woman will pretend to be into a particular sport just to appear more “cool.”


If a couple shares household expenses or has a joint bank account, a woman might keep a secret stash somewhere so that she can enjoy her own little “luxuries” from time to time. So when she brings home a few bags from the mall and her man asks her what she’s been up to, she’ll automatically blurt out,“Oh, these were on sale,” even though she set the mall on fire and spent a small fortune when she knows they’re supposed to be sticking to a budget. I’m sure men burn holes in their pockets too, but for some reason, a woman will try to justify her spending and come across as more “financially savvy” or frugal than he is by saying things like, “I had a coupon” or that it was “discounted.”



This is something that both sexes lie about, so I couldn’t leave this off the list. Even though men and women might cheat for different reasons, no one wants to readily admit to it, whether they’re confronted or not. I think women might be better at cheating than men are, which is nothing to really brag about; and we also tend to get away with it more because most men could never imagine their woman dipping out on them. But in the event that a man does ask his woman if she’s cheating, I don’t see too many women admitting to it unless they want the relationship to be over and put out of their misery.




As heard on Maury, “You are NOT the father!” I know…this is sad, but you’d be surprised how many women out there lie about who the father of their children. I won’t say that this is a COMMON lie, as I would hope that paternity is something that most women take seriously. But if a woman’s been living foul and wants someone to take responsibility for her child and throw her a few dollars in child support, there’s no telling what lies will come out of desperation or fear.



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  1. Ben Rieper says:

    Congratulations to Chelsea on winning the FA Cup.

  2. ese says:

    Until some ladies drop unecessary postures in life they never come out Delusions n wrong living.I detest the lies they tell to make mag.

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