Chinese Bride Mistakenly Had Sex With Groomsman – He Didn’t Resist

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A Chinese bride mistakenly had séx with her new husband’s groomsman, after she had jumped into the wrong béd. 

According to reports by Chinese media, Huang, the bride, during the night went out for bathroom located outhouse and then entered the wrong room on her return.

When the woman woke up she realized what had happened. She ran through the house yelling for help and accusing the groomsman of ráping.

It was decided by everyone that the groomsman Ruan should pay the newlywed couple 20,000 yuan.

Meanwhile Ruan resposnded that he wasn’t the one who had done something wrong adding that he had no money.

The couple later took the matter to police, but a county-level court ruled that the groomsman was not guilty of rápe.

Source: Times Of India



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