UNBELIEVABLE PHOTOS: Lagos Husband Catches His Pregnant Wife In Hotel Room With Another Man, Shares Incriminating Photos On The Internet

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According to reports, a husband who suspected his wife of infidelity has caught her red-handed in the arms of another man.

Sources revealed that the woman, who is already a few months pregnant, has been seeing her lover and having extra-marital affairs with him for a while now. The husband has reportedly been hearing the rumours of his wife’s affair and decided to take action.

On this fateful day, the wife and her lover, met at their usual location (a hotel) to have their lovemaking session. The husband, at this time, got a call from his informant. He then busted into the hotel room and caught his pregnant wife in the act.

The husband reportedly took photos and started distributing them on social media.

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Source: Trendy Sturvs



9 Responses to UNBELIEVABLE PHOTOS: Lagos Husband Catches His Pregnant Wife In Hotel Room With Another Man, Shares Incriminating Photos On The Internet

  1. lawal says:

    Whatever you are doing in this life if its good or bad you must see it

  2. Nikkypweety says:

    Haaaaa dats too bad d woman no try @ all

  3. judax says:

    The man in the hotel is the owner of the pregnancy. Most Nigerian men should cross check the DNA of their firstborns,the kids are actually not theirs.

  4. ay.com says:

    That’s the world for us now, that’s what ppl suffer from the hand of so call wife, I mean u don’t know what u have in our home which we call wife,

  5. julinda says:

    Too bad.what a woman a big shame to woman hood.what does she want with big belly that her husband can not do for her?is she trying to prove that her husband is not man enough?oga that pregnancy may not be yours if your bitch can fuck another man with it.


    if i were to b d husband i wil just chase dat she dog that i cal my wif away

  7. Isabel says:

    This is such a shameful act. Why involve in such act? If you guys both love each so much, why didn’t you get married to each other all along??? Ladies, please be wise, any man who didn’t marry you while dating shouldn’t even come close to you after another man has honoured you by marrying you, or else you’ll regret your act. #piece of mind well said#

  8. mondayosiebe says:

    Wat a useless n a shameful world for women in general. Don’t b surprise dat dis woman in question might hv been having sex with dis man ever b4 she met her man, dis pregnancy in particular might b own by dis man… Some weeks back, I witness a seen where a so cal married man came into an office of his other lover, n d funniest part of d story is dat.. Dis so called married man started romancing dis lady almost to d point of fingering her in a commacial office even in present of her intimate friend dat she never took time to find out d reason why d guy has been creating distance from her n also in present of her secretary… Wat a useless n a disgrace world for all desperate women

  9. adibous says:

    Shameless woman soo disgusting. This world as turn to someting else……

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