“PHOTO: Jesse Jagz Makes Me Want To Get Naked And Squeeze My Breasts” – Eva Alordiah (See What Else She Said)

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Nigerian rapper, Eva Alordiah recently expressed some very sexual feelings she is having due to a song by Jesse Jagz.

She says the song, titled, “Sex and Scotch” made her feel like a “real woman” and she would like to do “things to her body”.

See her post on Instagram below:


How sensual…



19 Responses to “PHOTO: Jesse Jagz Makes Me Want To Get Naked And Squeeze My Breasts” – Eva Alordiah (See What Else She Said)

  1. Taiwo says:

    what is the purpose in this?

  2. Lasgidi Princess says:

    I swear class is so damn rare these days.

  3. Chichi says:

    i just pity the gal. she will soon cock 40 and be crying she has no husband.

  4. Titilayo says:

    was her account hacked?! this is disgusting! and very disgraceful!

  5. rihanna lover says:

    is she trying to send us a message, or is she trying to send Jesse Jagz a message?

  6. olu baby says:

    BRAVO! The world now knows that Jesse Jagz can get it anytime that he wants it!

  7. emanuel says:

    her records must not be selling

  8. fola baby says:

    why have all of our female musicians gone astray?

  9. Tolu says:

    why is should a woman advertise herself in such a disgraceful manner? I thought at first that maybe it is fake. but she did indeed say these things. mscheeew. am no longer a fan.

  10. iyanya's girlfriend says:

    not like i had much respect for her in the first place.. but now I really don’t have any respect for her.

  11. yewande says:

    stupid ashewo actions

  12. Tope of Life says:

    Eva, and your album still will not sell. Why? because you are immitating Rihanna. You are a Nigerian girl. Find your own unique sound as a Naija gal. Not trying to be some Barbados trash Like Rihanna. You are stupid.

  13. Dikachi says:

    Shes jst being open wit her sexuality dats all

  14. Godwin Lucky says:

    is this really coming from her or a made up story?

  15. bammo says:

    Do ŷŏų guys hv a runny mouth….ì bet mst of ŧπε guys dt jst comment liked wot she said n ŷŏų åřƐ jst pretending…..t̶̲̥̅̊
    is a free world n everybdy hs right ţō express their feeling n ŷŏų hv no rite ţō criticize….n ì dnt even see hw wot S̶̲̥̅̊
    said affects ŷŏûŕ personal life.

  16. Evahubby says:

    Goddamn! Wat’s all these trash 4? Doesn’t she ve freedom of expression no mre? She is feelin wat d song’s 4… Eva is gr8 nd i wil marry her bt jagz is d greatest! Ask Iceprince.

  17. collins says:

    Freedom of expression! She can say whatever she likes especially to get attention.

  18. Toxcyne says:

    iBet y’all av neva used an iphone b4, thats a note page on an iphone,dats not instagram 4 Gods sake,its obviously faked.

  19. jelili azeez says:


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