Video: See The Woman (Now Arrested) Who Recorded Herself Having Sex With Her 14 Yr Old Daughter

A woman was arrested and charged with child sexual assault related charges after she was caught having sex with her underage daughter.

Now, the perverted mother was found guilty of sexually abusing her own daughter.

The mother was not the only one abusing the 14-year-old girl. She also allowed other men to have sex with her daughter while the mother recorded the acts.

A jury deliberated in record time in a case against the deranged mother, a so called Christian attorney, Lisa Biron. The 43-year-old woman from New Hampshire was found guilty of eight sex-related offenses.

The mother, who recorded herself giving oral sex to her daughter is facing a minimum mandatory prison term of 25 up to 100 years in prison when she is sentenced.

The mother was convicted of possession of child pornography and six counts of sexual exploitation and transporting her child across state lines to produce child pornography.

The two men who appear in the videos testified in court that they met the mother and her daughter in Ontario, Canada, several times just after the 14th birthday of the girl.

Defense attorney James Moir argued that the sexual acts were never forced, and asked the jury to remember to put their feelings of disgust aside.

After only two days of trial and one hour of deliberations the guilty verdict was given. ”This case is graph in which the defendant made ​​the video evidence that speaks for itself,” U.S. Attorney John Kacavas said.

The 14 year old victim, who did not testify at trial did come to court to hear the verdict. “How can a so called attorney commit such violent crimes?” A woman who knows Biron said


Source: yourjewishnews



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