Things That Men Should NEVER Say To Tall Women

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Every woman, no matter her size, wants to be admired, and if you have got your eyes on a particular tall lady, then you should probably read this one.

Huffington Post asked its Twitter followers on what the things that should never be uttered in front of a tall woman were, even if you thought you were ‘complementing’ her.

One user asserted that no one should ever tell a woman that it must be hard for her to find a man who’s comfortable with her height, while another insisted “You could be a model, height-wise”, is not a flattering remark.

Another follower of the publication’s Twitter account said that you should never take advantage of a woman’s height and ask her to grab things from shelves that are far form your reach or tell her that you’d date her if she was shorter.

Additionally, you should not tell a tall woman that she shouldn’t wear heels or that she has long feet.





on “Things That Men Should NEVER Say To Tall Women
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