Doctor Claims Pregnant 15-year-old Teen Is Still A Virgin

A court in Dubai was told that a pregnant teen was still a vī́rgin, according to court proceedings….

That was the diagnosis of a doctor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, presented at the trial of a 15-year-old teen girl, who was accused of violating the country’s harsh Islamic law against sēx outside marriage.

The girl, identified only by her initials MM, was checked out and has since given birth to a girl, the local newspaper reported. Testifying against the doctor’s report, MM told prosecutors that she had sēx with her 17-year-old boyfriend, identified by the initials YA, on several occasions.

“I met him through the internet and fell in love with him,” the girl said. “We have had many dates in my family’s house in Oud Mutaina, Dubai, and had sēx in my bedroom after my parents fell asleep. He had full sēx with me three times and when I told him I was pregnant, he didn’t care.”

The boy, meanwhile, insists that the two were not sēxually active, according to a local newspaper.
“I did not make her lose her vī́rginity and did not make her pregnant,” he told the newspaper. “After a while we broke up. I was surprised when her family was at my house and told me that I made her pregnant.”

The boy said that MM was seeing other guys throughout their relationship and demanded a paternity test.
But he admitted to touching the girl, according to a newspaper. The report suggests that girl may have become pregnant from Fluid dripping into the womb which is highly unlikely to have occurred.

The two teenagers have been subjected to judicial oversight.


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