48.3 Million Nigerians Browse Internet On Mobile Phones

Nigeria Phone

A total of 48.3 million telephone subscribers actively browse the Internet on their mobile phones, investigations have shown.

Statistics obtained from the Nigerian Communications Commission on Friday showed that Internet subscriptions through the telecommunications operators increased by 26.44 per cent between May 31 and June 30, 2013.
Active Internet subscription as of the endof June, but it was, however, 16.29 per cent less than the total Internet mobile subscriptions.

At the end of June, a total of 57.7 million telephone subscribers had Internet subscription, although only 48.3 million were active subscribers.
This means that a total of 9.4 million Internet subscriptions were inactive.
At the end of May, the active mobile Internet subscription stood at 38.2 million. This means that within a period of one month (between May and June), 10.1 million active subscribers started using the Internet on their phones, a difference of 26.44 per cent.

The total subscription at the end of May, however, stood at 44.69 million. This translates to an inactive population of 6.49 million subscribers or a ratio of 14.52 per cent.

With an active subscription of 24.5 million, MTN Nigeria Communications Limited had the largest mobile Internet subscription rate at the end of June. This means that 50.72 per cent of all mobile Internet subscribers as of June 30 were hooked to the MTN network.


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